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System Development

Provide web-based software development and customized services based on user needs, conducted by experienced developers and teams.

SaaS Service Model

Saas subscription service is provided to institutional users based on our online learning platform and corresponding video course resources.

IT Consulting

Understand the business and needs of customers, and provide suggestions for digital transformation and improvement to users.

Data Analysis

Assist enterprise clients in data cleaning, analysis, and mining, and assist enterprise users in establishing dedicated data centers.

Smart Campus

Information systems designed for schools that includes the basic network infrastructure and the digital education resources management.

Mobile Learning

Platforms are designed for online leaning and allow users to watch video, manage courses, and do Q&A at a time and place that best fit their schedule.

Education Chain

The EDC blockchain system facilitates record keeping that ensures secure, traceable, verifiable, and non-fungible education data records.

Application Development

Our teams provide various technical service, software service and development, data storage and computing system, and so on.

AI Applications

We pay interests in conducting long-term R&D in artificial intelligence, and to develop a vertical LLM in education and language learning.

Digitization Services

Based on our team experience, we are willing to provide technical support for digital transformation to different industries

Mobile Learning

SaaS platform provided to school and corporate training.

EDC Blockchain

Education record service for learners.

AI English Go

Application of AI Large Language Model.