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About Us

NETCLASS TECHNOLOGY INC was incorporated on January 4, 2022 under the laws of the Cayman Islands. We conduct business primarily through our wholly-owned subsidiaries, NetClass HK in Hong Kong, and NetClass China and its subsidiaries in the PRC. Our primary offices are located in Shanghai and Hong Kong, where we serve a large customer base throughout Mainland China and Hong Kong. We are a B2B (Business-to-Business) smart city and smart education specialist, providing IT solutions to schools, corporations, institutions or corporate customers. We offer SaaS subscription services and application software development......

Our Services

We provide a wide range of information technology services to our customers through our subsidiaries, technical and business teams,
and technical partners in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. We empower various industries with digital technology.

Smart Campus

Information systems designed for schools that includes the basic network infrastructure and the digital education resources management.

Mobile Learning

Platforms are designed for online leaning and allow users to watch video, manage courses, and do Q&A at a time and place that best fit their schedule.

Education Chain

The EDC blockchain system facilitates record keeping that ensures secure, traceable, verifiable, and non-fungible education data records.

Application Development

Our teams provide various technical service, software service and development, data storage and computing system, and so on.

AI Applications

We pay interests in conducting long-term R&D in artificial intelligence, and to develop a vertical LLM in education and language learning.

Digitization Services

Based on our team experience, we are willing to provide technical support for digital transformation to different industries

Our Products

Our software products and technical service products can be delivered
in customized software or SAAS model.

Based on years of research and development and experience, NETCLASS has a number of mature software and service products. Moreover, the company has been rated as a high-tech enterprise and owns about 90 intellectual property rights.

  • Mobile Learning System
  • AI English Go
  • EDC Blockchain Platforms
  • Lecturer Training and Evaluton System
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Technology Strategy

With the support of technologies such as large language model, big data and cloud computing, the China’s online education software platform industry has been keep growing rapidly, including data center, cloud computing and big data business. Meanwhile the artificial intelligence industry is in transition from the development stage to the mature stage. The scale of the core artificial intelligence industry in China is expected to reach 247.6 billion yuan in 2022 and exceed 600 billion yuan in 2026. In the coming years, the company will conduct research and technological development along the mainstream direction of this technology.

Customer says

The NETCLASS AI assisted English teaching system serves as a teaching assistant, which can simulate real dialogue scenarios based on the course theme, covering school life, leisure and entertainment, life planning, etc. Students can freely choose theme dialogues to improve their oral proficiency more efficiently.